MDFnl has been operating on the Dutch local market for more than ten years. We have established an excellent Network of Local Government Authorities, throughout the Country. Recently we have organised Study Visits at the municipalities of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Schagen, Ede, the Association of Dutch Municipalities and the Province of Gelderland. We have done this for delegations of senior government officials from Egypt, Indonesia, Bhutan, Mali and Nigeria. The overriding theme of these study visits are: Local Government Decentralization and Good Governance.

Selection of Subjects:

  • Knowledge acquired how the Dutch municipalities function: the level of autonomy, including the distribution of funds, they enjoy without incursions from Provincial and/or National government and/or Regional Leaders.
  • Ideas developed how to raise alternative sources of funding; through public private partnerships.
  • Experience how Dutch local governments are organised in terms of 
    • effective and people-based administration 
    • development with concrete and tangible structures 
    • local government as engines for local development
  • Involvement of citizens in local Development

You may wish to add a subject of your own interest. You may also wish to add visiting institutions such as Labour Unions, Farmers Associations or Associations of Private Sector Operators.

Delegation of Mayors from Mali, visiting Amsterdam Municipality


Please contact
Niek Bakker, senior trainer and advisor,
06 20 36 63 87 or 

"What a wonderful team, always ready to explain. Committed and devoted towards making us understand every aspect of governance in the tiers of government in Netherlands. MDFnl, your contribution to my learning process in Ede has been unique and very rewarding."
Delegation of Senior Civil Servants Nigeria

"Excellent. The MDFnl team was great to us and ensured that we gained from the programme. I discovered that MDFnl has the manpower and good learning techniques. I enjoyed the entire presentation and learning materials provided."
Delegation of Research Institute Indonesia.

"Wonderful experience! Presentations by the councilors were very interesting. Now able to understand the political set up in Netherlands, activities of the central, regional and the municipal government. The MDFnl team was wonderful and hospitable. They are friendly, non discriminatory, ready to assist and generally knowledgeable."
Delegation of Mayors Mali